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Making Your Goals Reality eBook

Making Your Goals Reality eBook

Looking back at 2008, did you achieve the goals that you had set for the year?


You’re not alone if you didn’t, many start with the best intentions but LIFE often gets in the way.

Resolutions don’t work!

I guess you already knew that.  In order to achieve your goals you need to have an action plan.  Making Your Goals Reality is your action plan workbook.

In order to achieve your most important goals you must learn how to concentrate on doing small consistent actions that move you in the direction of achieving your goals. 

Making Your Goals Reality eBook

Often those actions are the important but silent messages in our sub conscious minds that we put off.  We put those messages off because they are not as loud as the urgencies that pop up every day.

It is time to make 2009 your year to Make It Happen !


Making Your Goals Reality will explain . . .

·      Why resolutions do not work

·      What you need to do instead

·      How to get and stay motivated

·      How to turn your dreams into achieved goals

·      How to create an action plan that works

·      Create top 5 goals

·      How to determine your focus and priorities

·      24 page eBook to get your goals on the right track of success


Take advantage of this introductory sale offer and get your copy today!

Introductory Price $12.95

Regular Price $ 18.95




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